Excellence through music and dedication.
Program Guide

Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band
Excellence through
Music and Dedication

Pipe Band Guide 2012-13

Dear Parents,

            On behalf of Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band members and parents, I welcome you to our band.   This welcome letter is often a summary of the previous year and what we expect to accomplish over the next year.   I think I say this every year:  “We just had an amazing year!!!”

            The Grade 4 Band WON THE WORLD’s—a dream of mine and a fantastic achievement for each band member.   I am so proud of their accomplishment.  The Grade 5 Band got bette with each competition finishing off with a 1st Place win at the Capital District Games.  I received many compliments and accolades from fans and by-standers at how impressed they are with the band, their performances and their behavior. 

Band Members continue to demonstrate their independence by performing at parades and ceilidh’s under the direction of student leaders and Parade Captains.

            The Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band is a competing pipe band.  The focus of our activities throughout the year lead to a series of competitions in the Spring and Summer.  We are looking forward to greater success in 2011 and with your child’s dedication and your help we will achieve these goals.

            For the 2013 Season we will be re-grouping with the Grade 5 band moving up to Grade 4.  We will have a fairly new Grade 4 Band who will continue to develop and grow.  Our Grade 5 and is brand new---so new that most of them aren’t on pipes or drums---but they will be by August.  All members of the band will continue to focus on developing their technique, execution, learn more tunes and continued work on the pipes and drums.

            This all comes together through the efforts of our band parents.  Whether this is your first year or your seventh, our parents use their special talents to make these ventures successful.

            Piping and drumming is a rewarding musical activity.  It allows your children to work on team that is more intra-dependent than any sports activity.  It will develop their ability to think clearly and behave gracefully under pressure.  Playing a musical instrument not only develops music skills but has been shown to enhance a child’s academics as well.  There are opportunities for travel, college scholarships, as well as supplementary income.  I’ve seen a child’s confidence develop through their involvement in piping and drumming.  Most importantly, it can become a life-long adventure.

            Please read through the information you receive tonight to familiarize yourself with our band, our programs, goals, and expectations.  Ask questions, meet the Instructors and current band parents.  More information about the band will be presented as the year progresses.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Maureen Connor, Director

Mission Statement

The Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band's mission is to teach and develop pipers and drummers between the ages of 8 and 18 to achieve excellence in competition and performance through the pipe band idiom. 


Utilize our unique musical idiom as a vehicle to promote the values of dedication, hard work and commitment to a musical team.  Our goal is to become a first-rate competitive band for youth.


As parents you are investing a great deal of time and money into SGPB and you want the best possible experience for you child/ren.  Our Instructors are investing time and energy into developing a really awesome experience for the all the students and band members.  

Therefore, please make every attempt to ensure that your child attends rehearsals, lessons, competitions, and performances as close to 100% as possible. Many of our band members are involved in other activities and balancing them can be a challenge.  SGPB expects consideration when managing scheduling conflicts.  


This is the purpose of the band.  It is our game day.  If your child has worked hard enough to make the cut, they are expected to attend. 


SGPB rehearse year round on Wednesday from 7:00-9:00 p.m.  Since we are only able to rehearse once a week, it is imperative that every effort be made to attend as close to 100% as possible and to be prepared.  

Long Distance Players—Grade 3—please plan to attend at least one Wednesday Rehearsal a month in addition to Band Day

Band Day

These dates are an opportunity to bring our local and long distance players together for an intense day of focused rehearsal.  Attendance at Band Day is MANDATORY. 

Parades and Concerts

This is how we support our competitions as well as perform a variety of other music.  Attendance at as close 100% of parades is expected.  They are fun, they are excellent performance opportunities and they present excellent recruitment opportunities.  

We sign contracts with minimum requirements for pipers and drummers.  Once an event is on the schedule and a commitment is made, it can only be missed in the case of a dire emergency.  Please contact Maureen immediately if such situation arises.

For our Long Distance members we expect assistance with parades and performance as much as is feasible.
Practice and Rehearsal

Band Rehearsal brings players together so they we can work on the intricacies of unison, expression, and tone development. The demands a pipe band places on a musician enables them to develop their musical skills to a higher level than they would achieve in a typical school music program.  Drumming skills far surpass those developed in even the best school program

Therefore, Regular Daily practice on the Practice Chanter, Drum Pad, or Bagpipes is required.  Cramming before a lesson or rehearsal may help you in the short run……but not over the long haul!!

Once on the pipes it is essential tonal and physical (arm and diaphram) development to play the pipes every day—especially with smaller children who aren’t yet in high school.  After the New Year you should view practice chanter playing as “noodling” and NOT practice.  

Pipers are essentially learning two different instruments.  First they learn the technique of the Pipe Chanter on the Practice Chanter—like learning how to juggle.  Then, they learn how to manage a bag with their arm and their diaphragm—like learning how to ride a unicycle.  Finally, they put the two together and can play the pipes—like juggling while riding a unicycle. 

The exchange of a pad for a drum is not as radical one.  Drummers are only able control volume and interact with the pipes once a they are playing the actual drum hooked to a harness.  Both pipers and drummers get to do all this while walking at the same time!!!!

As a parent you will need to assist your child in establishing a practice routine and location.  Be creative and help make it fun.  Ask you child to give you a recital—even if they tell you they’ve already practiced!!  You’ll be able to hear and see improvements over time.  Be enthusiastic—don’t use practice as a punishment.  


Recruitment is an ongoing process to increase our membership, our quality at competitions and in performances and to spread the responsibilities over a wider group of parents.

Internally, it is the responsibility of current band members to welcome and encourage new students on practice chanter and pad as well as new members as they join the band.  Band Parents can warmly welcome and include new parents.  They will help share the load and could be fun people to hang with at contests and performances. 

Externally, we are all responsible for encouraging new players.  We welcome everyone—siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, class-mates, fellow church members, etc, etc, etc, 

What happens during classes and rehearsal?

When your child is in class or at rehearsal they are learning to work with their instructors to develop their musical expertise.  We invite parents to watch a class or a rehearsal at the very end.  If you have any questions or comments please address them to your child’s instructor afterwards or through email or a phone call.

During class, students or members will work with instructors, in small groups, or with the entire band to learn the details or the instrument and expectations of the organization. 


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