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SG Indoor 1
January 7th

Piping & Drumming
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For more information:   info@sgpipeband.com OR 518-374-6034

SG Indoor 2 & SG Outdoor Entry Forms Available

SG Indoor 2
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SG Outdoor
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Pipe Bands Grades 5, 4, 3, 2
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Capital District Youth
Pipe Band

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, it is time to honor our roots in the Scotia-Glenville area, while recognizing that our band members and alumni are from all over New York's Capital District and beyond.

This Fall, we are officially launching the new name of our youth band: 

Capital District Youth Pipe Band

This band will continue our fine tradition of teaching young pipers and drummers musicianship and leadership to the highest levels. 

For More information about Open House on Wed September 28, please follow this link to:


The Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band
will continue as an upper level mixed age band
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